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How to improve your energy savings with shades on your replacement windows in Lafayette, IN

How to improve your energy savings with shades on your replacement windows in Lafayette, IN

There’s no debating that the climate in Lafayette is changing, and when these changes happen, our homes tend to bring out any deficiencies such as drafty windows or caulking that needs to be fixed. These aren’t big problems, but they can affect your home comfort and energy efficiency. There are usually things that are relatively simple to handle as a homeowner, like suitable shades for replacement windows.

Believe it or not, shades on replacement windows could help to save energy and potentially save you money on your monthly energy bills. Proper installation is essential to realizing the greatest benefit from shades, but you can heighten those results by implementing seasonal adjustments in the way you employ your shades.

During Winter Months:

  • North windows usually get the least amount of sunlight, which means heat isn’t being gained, so leave the shades closed.
  • Replacement windows on the southern walls of your home give you the best chance to offer you warmth within your home, so open your shades during the day.
  • Your east and west replacement windows can leave you with a little added warmth throughout morning hours from the east and afternoon on your western windows.

During Summer Months:

  • The heat of summer isn’t helpful for energy efficiency, as it can cause your cooling system to run more often. Be sure your replacement windows are closed and shades shut during the day when summer temps rise. 
While you may not commonly think about the insulation that replacement window shades can provide, they could surprise you. If you see yourself as a homeowner who works to improve your energy efficiency, shades on your replacement windows may help you easily add something to the program. There are a number of shades styles available at the McComb Window & Door showroom in Lafayette, so stop by some time to take a look at them. Or, if you’d rather, give us a call at 317-983-5804 or schedule an in-home consultation with us through our online scheduler.

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